Mentor, Ohio - (440) 364-1731 - Chef Mike Trivisonno

bullet Orders Should Be Placed As far In Advance As Possible
bullet Orders may be subject to a delivery fee.
bullet Delivery area is throughout Lake County, Geauga & some Cuyahoga County.
bullet Please ask about delivery availability before placing order.
bullet Rent our Chafers & Sterno for that Special Touch!
bullet We offer Linens & table Skirts
bullet Additional Table Linens available for sit down Tables - Centerpieces too!
bullet We can decorate Your next Buffet Table to reflect your special event.
bullet 50% deposit is required at time of booking
bullet Payment in full is expected at time of delivery/day of event.
bullet Payments are accepted by; Check , Cash & ALL Major Credit Cards
bullet Please make checks payable to; Mike‘s Kitchen Catering Co., Inc.
bullet Certain items may be temporarily unavailable;
Mike’s Kitchen reserves the right to make substitutions without notice.
bullet Call us anytime 7-days a week 440.364.1731 - chef’s direct number
bullet Fax us 7 days a week 440.205.8000 ( same # for kitchen phone)
bullet email us at;

If we’re catering your event, we may need to have several meetings
together to plan your party just the way you want it.
Please make yourself available & bring
anyone else who will be involved in this process.
Be ready to supply your Mike’s Kitchen party planner with;
contact person’s name & cell phone/ phone number day of event,
delivery date, event time, address & driving instructions (if applicable)
and any other special instructions pertinent to a well planned event.

Mike’s Kitchen Catering Company
Wants you to have the Best Catered Meal You’ve Ever Had!